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Legacy University Okija is one of the eight private universities approved in 2016 by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Legacy University got the approval of the Federal Executive Council on 2 nd of November, 2016, and on the 22 nd of November the same year, the University obtained license from the National Universities Commission, (NUC).

Core Value

We cherish our core value, which is to build a legacy of excellence in learning and research.


The Legacy University is located within a serene environment at Okija in Ihiala Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. It has a land mass of over 100 hectares. The university is located in a village called Ubahumonum, a distance of about 20 kilometers from Onitsha, along Onitsha-Owerri express way. The University is precisely located at about 3 kilometers off the Onitsha-Owerri express road.


The logo of Legacy University Okija consists of an academic cap, a scroll and an open book. The academic cap, scroll and open book symbolize scholarship. The academic cap, scroll and book are encircled in spherical shape with rays of light beaming into it. The general spherical shape of the logo points to the global outlook of the university. In other words, the admission of students and the recruitment of staff shall cut across race, gender, religious and political affiliations. The rays of the light signify the fact that Legacy University Okija shall be a light unto the world. The name and motto of the university are inscribed on top and at the bottom of the logo respectively.

University Colours

The main colour of Legacy University is GOLD, which symbolizes victory and success. Students of the University are encouraged to work very hard in their academic pursuit through effective supervision of their academic programs. The hoods of the faculties shall be BLUE, WHITE and PURPLE. WHITE signifies light, innocence and purity. BLUE is a symbol of peace, justice, perseverance and vigilance, while PURPLE connotes royalty, luxury, wealth and sophistication.


The Motto of Legacy University Okija is Scholarship par Excellence. Legacy University Okija is a citadel of learning that will not subscribe to half measures in any of her undertakings. Students will be exposed to highest standards both in learning and character. Excellence will be the watchword in both the academic and non-academic undertakings of the University.


To provide excellent academic and non-academic facilities in an appropriate environment capable of producing world class graduates attuned for self and national development”


To be a first rate university with qualitative academic programs holding out to all the promises of liberal education, knowledge, skills, character, freedom and truth”.

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